iMATER NOW was created to serve attorneys and professionals who desire to live longer, healthier, more joyful, and successful lives.

iMATER NOW focuses on promoting well-being and ensures that professionals holistically nurture their mental, emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual health and develop personal habits to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. 

iMATER NOW focuses on providing valuable information and support related to wellness through coaching, live events, webinars, the Attorney Heart Podcast and other resources.  With increased rates of stress, anxiety, and depression, we often do not learn the necessary skills to nourish our health, but it becomes even more important to put your wellness first to be able to reach the highest levels of fulfillment in your life. 


Do you constantly experience stress, anxiety, or worry? Do you tend to get angry easily, feel sad often, or experience fear, shame, or guilt? We all experience these emotions, and to THRIVE (not just SURVIVE) in the legal profession, it is necessary that we learn how to take holistic care of our health. Work with Fernando on using the most effective strategies to gain awareness of any personal blocks that are limiting your ability to perform at your optimal level. Are you ready for this journey? Don’t wait, take a small step that will be a 100% investment in yourself and your future.  You MATTER, and you MATTER NOW!


Does your law firm adequately foster every dimension of Attorney Well-Being to have the GREATEST impact and success possible? Attorney well-being is directly related to increased work satisfaction, increased client satisfaction, increased productivity, recruitment, engagement, and retention.  High Performance Coaching for legal teams in today’s business world is necessary and adopting it into your law firm will provide a competitive advantage.  Book a session with iMATER NOW to learn how to enhance your team members’ impact and take your law firm’s success to the next level!


  • Learning to Consistently Engage in Well-Being and Self-Care.
  • Developing skills to improve client satisfaction.
  • Improving one's professional skills by finding meaning and purpose in the legal services provided.
  • Making constructive, not destructive personal decisions.
  • Gaining awareness of our emotions to be able to reduced stress and axiety.

Fernando Flores

Fernando has been a trial and appellate attorney for over 10 years and has worked and excelled in very high-stress, fast-paced work environments. He has handled cases in state and federal trial courts, the Court of Appeal, and the California Supreme Court. 

Fernando handled large case dockets and represented clients in some of the most vulnerable life circumstances, including victims of human trafficking.

While Fernando excelled as an attorney, Fernando did not adequately nurture all 6 dimensions of his well-being.  Today, Fernando does not allow a single day to pass without taking time to nurture all 6 areas of his health. 

According to the American Bar Association, “well-being” is “a continuous process toward thriving across all life dimensions.”  The 6 spheres of well-being are Social, Physical, Occupational, Intellectual, Spiritual, and Emotional. 

Fernando established iMATER NOW to support and coach other attorneys and professionals in their journey to excel in all 6 areas of well-being. 

Whether individually, or for your entire law firm, working with iMATER NOW will assist you by inculcating positive values that will promote the well-being of yourself and your legal teams.

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  • I have been fortunate to receive Fernando’s guidance from the grueling first year of law school to the first 5 years of practicing law (and hopefully beyond). Fernando helped me to recognize how stress can cloud the way I view my abilities and skills to accomplish and complete my goals and projects. During law school, Fernando started giving me the building blocks to be my best self in a high-stress career. When I started my career as an attorney, he taught me how to review and reflect the steps I have taken in my life and career in a healthy manner to promote personal and professional growth. Fernando has a way of talking through your concerns and goals that allow you to be honest with yourself, without feeling blame but instead giving you tools to hold yourself accountable to be your best self. To anyone looking for effective and positive guidance on self-improvement, to anyone seeking to be a better and well-rounded advocate for your clients, or to anyone wondering if there is a better way to navigate a highly stressful job, I highly recommend Fernando and following his coaching methods.

  • Having Fernando as my coach has made a huge difference in my life. He brings so much positive energy, enthusiasm, professional experience, and strategies to my coaching sessions. He has effectively been able to talk me through the professional challenges that I have faced with strategic, practical advice that works for me. Since Fernando has a wealth of professional experience, he is able to easily relate and tailor his approaches and strategies to my needs. He challenges me to think creatively, positively, and critically. His coaching, mentorship, and advice is very uplifting and inspires me to keep pushing myself to new heights.

  • Fernando has been my “go to” coach throughout my professional trajectory. Whether it’s through a quick phone call or a chat over coffee, Fernando has provided me with lots of positive reinforcement. Fernando always finds a way to challenge me to be better and never leaves until he has helped me create a framework to identify the changes I need to make in the midst of the challenges I have encountered in my life and career. Fernando is truly the most positive and inspiring person I know. He is always learning, growing, challenging himself, and pursuing a greater sense of self. His honesty and transparency about the challenges he has faced in his life makes him relatable. His zest for life is contagious. Most importantly, Fernando empowers me to believe in myself and for that I am forever grateful.

    Law School Graduate
  • I’ve had the pleasure of knowing – and being supported by – Fernando for almost 10 years. There is no doubt in my mind that his guidance was crucial in helping me become an attorney. From applying to law school, to surviving exams, to passing the bar, Fernando gave me key, practical tools that I needed to succeed. With his level-headed optimism and ability to break down dauntingly complex tasks into simple, manageable steps, I am very confident that Fernando will help you accomplish your goals (or re-imagine them!)